The Story Behind The World Is Yours


The World Is Yours is a children’s book written by BenHaMeen and illustrated by Marcus Alleyne. The World Is Yours brings to life in wonderful visual images and poetic rhetoric a young child’s story of persistence and dedication in their journey through life. The World Is Yours also highlights the unconditional love of a parent for a child on their journey to success in the world among the vastness of the universe. A universal message of love both children and parents will enjoy reading.

The World Is Yours Book


BenHaMeen & Marcus Alleyne have been friends since they first met at Howard University, with BenHaMeen coming from Houston, Texas and Marcus being a native of Chicago, Illinois. The two shared a love of djing and quickly became fast friends as well as founding members of FNC, a collective of artists and friends who are still connected in various ways to this very day.



Even though Marcus & BenHaMeen have been friends for years and collaborated on all sorts of projects the idea of doing a children’s book was a dream they both shared but never thought of working together on until inspiration struck from a most unlikely place.

The World Is Yours Book


The World Is Yours began as a poem written by BenHaMeen, which was intended to be a modern day message to children everywhere. What most don’t know is that the poem was originally written as a much more personal note. During a very trying time in BenHaMeen’s life he wrote a poem for his nephew & nieces, hoping that they would learn from it in case he wasn’t there to help guide them along as they grew older. Marcus happened to see the poem one day on social media and was struck by the poem’s message of always following your dreams who suggested that it could be made into a children’s book. The two collaborated with BenHaMeen reworking his words for the children’s book format and Marcus providing the visuals which have brought the words to life in a way that the author himself could have never predicted.



After completing the creation of the book the author and illustrator launched a Kickstarter in order to raise the funds to self publish the book. Starting with a goal of 7,000 dollars they collectively raised over 9,000 dollars with purchase orders coming in from all over the world. Emboldened by the love and energy they received they have now finished self publishing their creation, with plans for book signings and future collaborations well under way.

The World Is Yours Book

Both of the creators thank you and everyone who has helped their dreams come true, and they hope that you and your friends and family are inspired by The World Is Yours for many years to come.







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